Elven Mists

Elven Mists

We must free all elves by joining two nodes with figures of the same colour.
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Elven Mists is one of the games developed by Big Fish Games. Games developed by Big Fish Games have a common interface from which we can manage all the games from Big Fish Games that we have currently installed in the computer.
In Elven Mists we can find two different game modes: Arcade game and Relaxed game. Both games are quite similar but we should play Arcade game when we want to follow up the story of the game and Relaxed game when we just want to let time go by. The game resembles Tetris a bit, as we have diferent shapes that we can place and rotate. In this game we find nodes and jailed elves. We must free all elves by joining two nodes through the jailed elves with figures of the same colour. We pass an stage when all the elves are free. We can see the point of the story in which we are thanks to the story map.
Elven Mists is a full featured time limited demo. We can play this game for an hour of time, when time runs out we'll have to purchase the game. In the Big Fish Games common interface we can see demo time left and also we can find a link to purchase a license.

Jorge Tierno Alvite
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  • Good graphics and music


  • It's too easy at the beginning
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